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My smaller, sleeker model of Eggmobile came reinforced with a rocket pack and safety harness. Quite spiffy additions if I do say so!

Knuckles Mech
Zone: Tidal Plant

I tricked that insipid echidna into doing my dirty work for me, and to ensure he wouldn't fail, I even provided him with a wonderful machine for crushing Sonic! Unfortunately, while the machine was foolproof, it wasn't idiot-proof, and Knuckles failed me!

Pogo Mobile
Zone: Atomic Destroyer

After Metal Sonic failed to defeat Sonic, I leapt into action- Literally! My springing mech hopped about, crashing down with powerful force with each landing- Enough force to crush Sonic! Alas, that didn't play out, but then I unleashed my next machine...

Electric Mobile
Zone: Atomic Destroyer

Protecting my mech's underside with a current of deadly electricity, I floated overhead, blasting Sonic with fireballs. Unfortunately, at times the mech's electric current would weaken, giving him an open shot at me! But, I still had one more trick up my sleeve...

Laser Room
Zone: Atomic Destroyer

I lured Sonic into a room outfitted with laser turrets, and all the while I encircled the hapless hedgehog in a track surrounding it. Sadly, he had a few openings to hit me anyway, and dodged the blasts!