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Zone: Palmtree Panic

My first confrontation with Sonic on Little Planet employed my shielded walker! I could bounce Sonic away with the bouncy shields, and stomp on him with my spiky walker's feet. It was a weak mech though- All my Little Planet mechs went down in fewer hits than usual.

Pinball Machine
Zone: Collision Chaos

I sat atop a giant pinball table, deploying obstacle and hazards from my control table as Sonic tried his best to get to the top. Unfortunately, once he reached me I had nothing to hit him with, so I had to retreat!

Bubble Machine
Zone: Tidal Tempest

I'm going to go ahead and admit this is one of my worst ideas ever. When challenging Sonic underwater, I shielded myself with bubbles. What I failed to predict was that Sonic could use the air in these bubbles to breathe underwater, and ergo stand a chance against me in a fight!

Conveyer Belt
Zone: Quartz Quadrant

Sonic wasn't fast enough to outrun my high-speed conveyer belt! I had him trapped, running just slow enough to not progress. I threw obstacles at him from my control panel. Unfortunately, the friction from Sonic's running burnt out my machine, forcing me to run away again...

Spike Machine
Zone: Wacky Workbench

I used the spikes from this mech to defend myself from attacks, and I also slammed into the ceiling to cause blocks and debris to fall onto Sonic! Furthermore, the arena's floor was electrified, giving Sonic another challenge!

Power Laser
Zone: Stardust Speedway

While Sonic raced against my superior Metal Sonic, I gave chase with my extremely powerful laser, destroying the track behind them as I pursued the racers. One touch from this laser was instant death, even if Sonic had rings!

Spinning Machine
Zone: Metallic Madness

My final confrontation with Sonic on Little Planet employed this set of spinning metal panels. It left Sonic with little chance to attack, and was decently offensive, but in the end the machine failed me.