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As I was still on Angel Island, I didn't have time to switch to a new Eggmobile, so this is the same model as last time. See Sonic 3's entry for more on that!

Jet Mobile
Zone: Mushroom Hill

A combination of strength and strategy had to be employed with this mech. Its offensive capabilities weren't that great- Just some jet boosters that hurt to touch. But the real challenge for Sonic here was dodging all the spike traps I set up all over Mushroom Hill! I could effortlessly plow through in my Jet Mobile, but they'd hurt Sonic! Ooh hoo hoo!

Barrier Eggman
Zone: Flying Battery

Aboard my Flying Battery, I employed my barrier laser from Wing Fortress again! This time, however, the laser proved too powerful, and destroyed my beautiful ship!

Hang Mobile
Zone: Flying Battery

At the top of my Flying Battery, I clung to the rails with this grappling mech, swinging back and forth to use my momentum as an attack. Additionally, this baby came equipped with a flamethrower, which I used with reckless abandon on Sonic!

Egg Golem
Zone: Sandopolis

I encased my latest mech in stone, protecting myself from Sonic's attacks. The downside to this plan was the inherrently slow nature of a rock-encased robot, which was a bad combination in a battle with Sonic. He could chip away at the rocks and damage my Eggmobile within, if he worked at it.

Hot Mobile
Zone: Lava Reef

I created this submarine to withstand extreme temperatures, much like my submarine from Hill Top. Its main difference from the aforementioned sub was its spikey hull, preventing Sonic from leaving so much as a dent in my machine. I gleefully attacked Sonic with a barrage of bombs, but I failed to account for the lava flow washing my own bombs back into me, destroying my mech!

Electric Mobile
Zone: Hidden Palace

I ditched my ruse as Knuckles's ally, revealing my true intentions to steal the Master Emerald in order to power my Death Egg! Knuckles would have none of it, but I quickly dispatched him with my electric prods and made a smooth getaway. That's right, I won that fight, and don't you forget it!

Kyodai Eggman Robo
Zone: Death Egg
Aboard the Death Egg, I unveiled my latest- and largest- mech to date, the Kyodai Eggman Robo! Similar to my Heat Arms sub-boss Badnik, this mech had giant metal hands that I used to smash Sonic with. It also came equipped with a deadly flamethrower and- this is the best part- a massive laser powered by the Master Emerald!

Doomsday Robot
Zone: Doomsday

After the Kyodai Eggman Robo was defeated, I made my getaway in a smaller- but similar- robot. I took to space, initially protected in an outer armor, which Super Sonic destroyed by misdirecting my own missiles back at me! After this, I made a speedy getaway through the meteor shower, attacking as I retreated, but the super-powered pest caught up with me in the end, salvaging the Master Emerald and sending me back to the drawing board...