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A new plot and a new Eggmobile! On Angel Island, I invented a more compact model to zip around in. I developed a few extras as well, and allowed my wonderful Egg Robo and Mecha Sonic to pilot them. Unfortunately, Sonic himself comandeered one of my Eggmobiles at Launch Base!

Flame Mobile
Zone: Angel Island

Sonic had followed me to Angel Island, and was determined to stop me from re-launching my crashed Death Egg. So I confronted him right from the start with my Flame Mobile by shooting fireballs at him, destroying a bridge and trapping him in my small cliffside arena. I used stealth to hide behind a nearby waterfall, and pounced out to attack! Unfortunately, my mech's distinctive appearance made it clearly visible even with nature's cover.

Screw Mobile
Zone: Hydrocity

I do love Sonic's convenient weakness- water! So I figured I'd make his aversion to swimming even more tense by stirring up our watery arena in Hydrocity by simple application of rotating force. When that didn't work, I resorted to good old fashioned bombs!

Drill Mobile
Zone: Marble Garden

I used this drill to completely level Marble Garden, destroying the ground from beneath Sonic's feet! He should have died, but that two-tailed pest picked him up in the nick of time... And so our battle took to the skies, as I attacked head-on with my powerful drill! As it was powerful enough to destroy an entire cliffside, I couldn't wait to see what it'd do to Sonic! ...Sadly, Tails's quick flying prevented me from finding out.

Graviton Mobile
Zone: Carnival Night

Using my advanced knowledge of physics, I constructed a brilliant strategy to defeat Sonic! This heavy metal ball, plus a whirlwind of electricity, led to a powerful gravitational pull that sucked Sonic in to a shocking demise! ...At least that should have been the case, but it seems even my manufactured vortex wasn't fast enough for that pest!

Freezer Mobile
Zone: Ice Cap

In the already-freezing Ice Cap, I used this mech to blow icy sub-zero gusts of air at Sonic, which would freeze him on contact! Not so fast now, are you, hedgehog? The only drawback was that Sonic could use the mechanism as a makeshift platform to reach me and, thus, attack!

Ball Shooter
Zone: Launch Base

Mounted on a platform, I unleashed a stream of fantastic heavy metal spheres from my Launch Base to crush Sonic, all the while safely out of reach! Ha ha! Oh, what the...?! When I opened the gate to release a ball, Sonic could leap onto it and reach me. Grr, that didn't work at all!

Beam Rocket
Zone: Launch Base

After Sonic defeated my Ball Shooter, I made a hasty retreat to a loading platform for my Death Egg, and continued the fight in this better machine! It was essentially a tower of laser blasters, all aiming for Sonic! It was a bit too slow, however, leaving me no choice but to bring out an even stronger weapon...

Big Arm
Zone: Launch Base

This heavily-armed mech is one of my finest! Its top was reinforced with spikes, its back protected by flaming jets, and its front protected by its titular big arms, I was well-defended in this beauty of a machine! Its offense wasn't too shabby either, as these powerful metal arms could grab hold of Sonic and slam him into the ground for exceptional damage- An attack that even even knock Super Sonic out of his powered-up state.