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For my Death Egg construction plot on Westside Island, I developed a brand new Eggmobile to quickly get around in! While it had jet boosters just like the old one, it also had a helicopter mode to save on fuel. This Eggmobile had far more complex attachments than the previous model, such as...

Drill Eggman
Zone: Emerald Hill

When I saw that Sonic followed me to Westside Island, I was hopping mad! My first instinct was to run him down, so I attached my Eggmobile to a nearby digging vehicle of mine and began my attack... As a nasty surprise, I could launch the drill forward as a projectile!

Water Eggman
Zone: Chemical Plant

I'd taken over one of the island's chemical plants for my scheme, and discovered just how volatile the chemicals could be if they were highly-pressurized! So with this machine, I collected the plant's chemical water, and blasted it at Sonic as a deadly attack! One major flaw with this machine, however, was how long it took to fill up...

Hammer Eggman
Zone: Aquatic Ruin

I trapped Sonic and Tails between a pair of statues, and used this giant mallet to hit said statues, activing a mechanism that fired arrows at them! You know, in hindsight, maybe the statues should have been button-activated to save time... This was a really convoluted plan!

Catcher Eggman
Zone: Casino Night

Sonic was trapped in my giant pinball machine, and I used this festive mech to electrify the bouncy buffoon! In addition to shocking him, I could also grab Sonic with the mech's crane.

Submarine Eggman
Zone: Hill Top

This heat-resistant sub could spew jets of flame in Sonic's direction, and could even float in the air for a short time. It lacked the ability to set the ground ablaze like my flamethrower Eggmobile from Marble, so this could be considered a setback in terms of design. Hmph...

Drill Eggman II
Zone: Mystic Cave

This, however, definitely trounces my original drill machine! With two drills, plus flight, I was definitely more agile and powerful than before! In addition to attacking Sonic directly with my drills, I could also cause a rockslide by drilling into the ceiling, causing boulders and stalagtites to fall from above!

Submarine Eggman II
Zone: Oil Ocean

In Oil Ocean, I developed a better submarine, with better weapons! A metallic chain served as a melee attack against the hedgehog, and when that failed, a powerful laser beam was employed!

Flying Eggman
Zone: Metropolis

Trickery is my game, after all! Using a set of decoys, I was able to disorient and confuse my enemy! By far the best-looking weapon I've ever invented! Ho ho ho!

Barrier Eggman
Zone: Wing Fortress

Here, I used Wing Fortress itself as my boss mech, trapping Sonic between the ship's lasers and remotely controlling them from a safe distance. I also used floating spiked platforms, leading to a very crowded room for Sonic!

Death Egg Robot
Zone: Death Egg

Sonic had breached my last line of defense, so it was time to bring out the big guns! This mech, constructed in my handsome likeness, was a powerhouse. It had spikey arms, a deadly stomp attack, and a supply of bombs for tossing at Sonic!

This machine had reinforced armor, and could take slightly more damage than my other mechs.