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Can't beat the classics, right?
I, Dr. Eggman (formerly known as Robotnik Mk. II), have taken a break from my busy schedule of genocide and mayhem to share some of my favorite moments of pure chaos! The first 50 or so accounts are written by my inferior counterpart from the Prime Zone, but don't mind him. Read on! Mwa ha ha! This section includes the main Archie comic, as well as all related comics within its continuity, such as Sonic Universe.
Can't beat the classics, right?
A comic starring me? How delightfully appropriate! Ho ho ho- Despite Sonic's top billing, Sonic X's real star is ME, the great Dr. Eggman! Enjoy reading the remarkable accounts of me and my robots as we wreak havoc on those losers in Station Square! You and all my other adoring fans will love it!
Can't beat the classics, right?

I have little to discuss with you! I'm far too busy plotting that horrible hedgehog's permanent demise! I've left an archive of my work for you to read if you're that curious, just leave me to my plans... I will destroy Sonic!

Can't beat the classics, right?
A number of manga have been drawn featuring me, Dr. Eggman! In this section, I take a look at some of my manga appearances.