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Dr. Mechano Nov. 11, 2011

Official Art has been updated with a load of new artwork! Check it out.

Dr. Mechano Nov. 7, 2011

Eggman's Mechs has been updated with Sonic Chaos and Sonic Triple Trouble!

Dr. Mechano Nov. 4, 2011

The official art section has been updated with new art and a better-organized layout. Eggman's Mechs has new pages for Sonic 2, Sonic 2 (GG), Sonic CD, Sonic 3, and Sonic and Knuckles. New content's being rapidly added, so stay tuned for more!

Dr. Mechano Nov. 3, 2011

The Badnik Database is back up from the original site, and has expanded to cover more robots! It doesn't include the robots from 2K6 or Unleashed yet, but we'll get to those soon. For the time being, enjoy!

Dr. Mechano Nov. 2, 2011

We're still slowly reconstructing this place, so bear with us in the meantime.

Several pages have gone up today, mostly under Game Info.- Eggman's Mechs and Playable Eggman are up, and the former will have new content soon. Info on games, characters, Badniks, etc. is coming, just be patient!

I'm pleased to see people already returning to the forums! Here's hoping to see an active community of Eggman fans!