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Play Eggman related fangames! If you have any games to send in, send them to Or, if they're too big, talk to Badnik Ishntknew on AIM.

EGGA - EE's Official Fangame Site

Eggman Random Game Collection Thing by Ishntknew - Three games in one! The Baconbot Shooting Game, in which you try to shoot the invading Baconbots with something that's probably a Chaos Emerald powered laser, or something! The Omochao Shooting Game, in which you shoot Omochao with INVISIBLE LASERS! And the Catch the Heroes game which some stupid spammer wanted made and see the help file for more details. Help is accessed by pressing F1 at any point in the game, forgot to mention on the title screen...

Eggman Goes Platform by Dr. Sage - Fun platformer starring Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe and their zany adventures! Three games in one!

The Eggman Engine (Demonstration) by Yusuke - Definitely one of the coolest things so far. Currently, the project is unfinished, and the engine here right now is an older version that Yusuke isn't working on anymore, but it's definitely a nice demonstration of what one is to see in the future to come! Control Dr. Eggman with the left/right arrow keys, using the up arrow to jump, holding it down longer for a higher leap. With a robot helper known as ORB, you can use the cursor to direct it a limited distance, and press the space bar to fire a little beam! You can even left click squares that light up when you hover the cursor over them to create a platform for Eggman! (Right clicking makes the block vanish). All in all, it's a neat demo to show just how much has been done with the demo itself, and there's other things to do that I haven't specified here. Just press F1! When the newer engine is avaliable for public use, a future update will bring it to light.

Eggman RPG 1 by Dr. Sage - An RPG adventure starring Dr. Eggman! Dr. Baconman has blown up Eggman's base. Now, it's a race against the clock for Eggman to save the world... to -conquer- the world! To play this game, you will need the program RPG Maker 2003